The Owner Andrew Roginski.

I love creating videos and photos.

I especially enjoy collaborating with my clients to create media that is memorable and that connects them with their target audiences. Clear communication and leadership—combined with the hard work it takes to be excellent—are my goals. 

I love the creative aspect of videography and photography; however, I understand that the art and vision can get in the way of the business and client needs. Reliability is important to me, and I work hard to ensure the client will not wonder if I will follow through. I take as much pride in my business relationships as I do in each of my projects.

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                    WHAT IS SUMMIT STUDIOS

the producer - Drue heinen


Drue’s love of filmography began when he was 10 years old. With family camera in hand, he filmed fake talk shows and commercials. As he got older, he created funny videos for MySpace and short movies starring himself and his friends. Here at Summit Studios, Drue shines on both sides of the camera. Whether he plans a shot or stars in it, he brings a fun and entertaining presence to every shoot. His creativity, plus knowledge of film, ensures our final product is both unique and entertaining.

Obsessed with the rigorous and creative process

Making videos is our passion. We are obsessed with the rigorous and creative process that goes into making a film. We started creating videos at a young age with a VHS camcorder and now work with the advanced technology we have today. We have come a long way and believe that every project will teach us something and fuel our lifelong development as filmmakers. 

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